• certificated Homeopath (SSKH)
• certificated Healer (DGH)
• has been studying with the following masters of Homeopathy since 1996:

Prof. George Vithoulkas
altern. Nobelprice 1996, Greece;

Dr. Uttareshwar Pachegaonkar
Homeopathic Clinic and Research Center, Pondicherry/Indien;

Dr. Vangelis Zafiriou
Psychiatrist, Greece;

Frans Vermeulen
Author of many books, Founder of the Swedish School of Homeopathy SSKH, Sweden;

Vega Rozenberg
Masterteacher (Spirituality & Homeopathy), USA.

I'm the founder of the „AWIHR – School of Homeopathy“ and teaching in Berlin every month. I'm following strictly the laws and principles of the Hahnemannian Homeopathy. My theoretical teaching is proven every seminar by Live-cases.

I'm working in my private clinic since 2001. Private Appointments are possible in Würzburg and Berlin.